What triggers and starts Kundalini?

The ways in which Kundalini can awaken:

Besides from practices that target the awakening of Kundalini directly, there are many ways in which Kundalini rises spontaneously, some of which are quite arbitrary. The list below contains some of the more common ways in which Kundalini initiates. The information provided isn’t meant to scare anyone into thinking a certain activity will cause a full blown awakening as these “triggers” are rare, it is meant for people already experiencing Kundalini and trying to understand how and why it started for them.

Regardless of what triggered this awakening, I firmly believe that Kundalini only arises when your soul is ready. Consciously you might not be feeling ready and are caught completely by surprise. However a deeper part of you, your divine essence, is ready to launch. An abrupt awakening in some circumstances may feel traumatic and hard to accept, so the more you trust that the timing wasn’t random, that it wasn’t a mistake or a punishment from the universe, the easier it will be for you not to feel victimized by this intense life transformation. This isn’t your fault, or anybody else’s for that matter, even if an interaction with a spiritual teacher, an energy worker or a romance initiated this journey for you. Your soul was ready for Kundalini to rise and nobody else could make that choice for you. You will learn to see that in time, that Kundalini isn’t happening to you it is happening with you.


Potential triggers of a Kundalini awakening:

  • Spiritual seeking and intention: Praying to “wake up” and asking Kundalini to arise, or seeking and praying for answers to existential questions intensely.
  • Meditation or a spiritual retreat: long concentrated meditations in a short period of time can trigger this awakening.
  • Energy Healing, energy work or Reiki, as well as charka work, hypnosis and other forms of healing work.
  • Yoga: Kundalini yoga is a direct trigger; yet practicing hatha yoga can initiate Kundalini as well.
  • Physical trauma: Mostly an injury to the spine or to the lower back area, the seat of the dormant Kundalini energy.
  • Childbirth: Kundalni can be triggered by child delivery.
  • Falling in love: Kundalini can start with a heart opening. It can “hitchhike” such an opening in a new romance in order to come to the surface.
  • Trauma: loss of someone close to you, a breakup, abuse or an accident.
  • Addictions: Secession of smoking or stopping the use of substances of any form can trigger Kundalini.
  • Depression or grief: Long periods of depression and emotional intensity can be a gateway to this awakening


Some of the triggers mentioned above can be more difficult to handle than others, since they are an inherent massive life change in and of themselves, such as childbirth or trauma. Adding a Kundalini awakening on top of that can feel utterly overwhelming and take the form of a healing crisis for a while. It is important to get educated about Kundalini in these cases and get as much support as you can while remembering that it will get easier and gentler with time. Handling more than one life transformation at a time can be very difficult so give yourself the time you need to adjust. A healing crisis is when Kundalini is operating at a full intensity and your system gets overwhelmed and can feel shell-shocked. When facing a healing crisis you may feel like Kundalini keeps bringing wounds to the surface in a relentless way and you get no pauses. There is no time to come up for air and that can be really draining on your body and nervous system, as well as emotionally. It is important to start working consciously with Kundalini if you are experiencing a healing crisis and learn to trust her. It is also important to ground the energy constantly and get as much support as you can, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This crisis feeling will eventually pass, as your body adjusts to the energy and you learn new tools of how to work with Kundalini and reduce the unconscious fear reactions in your system.

Regardless of how Kundalini was triggered, she represents a new chapter in your life.  Know that it takes time to adjust to this process and to grieve the sense of you loss that arises over your previous life. Grief, is a natural reaction most people have to this process. Trust that regardless of the chaos or intensity you may be experiencing, Kundalini isn’t trying to hurt you or ruin your life, that the parts of this journey that are beautiful, healing and restoring will become evident in time. Fasten your sit belt you are in for the ride of your life.

How to know if your Kundalini is awakened?

Here is a list of symptoms that can help you determine that. 


    If you experienced a Kundalini awakening brought about by a different trigger I would love to hear your story and add it to the website for other people’s benefit, so they don’t feel alone in their experience. Write me here