How to cope with symptoms of a Kundalini awakening?

Below is a list of coping tools correlating with the symptoms list page to help you adapt and manage some of the stranger expressions that Kundalini can bring into your life. With time you will develop your own tools from your inner wisdom and guidance. Use only the tools that feel right or resonate with you. 

How to manage the symptoms of a Kundalini awakening or a spiritual crisis: 

Symptoms Coping Tools
Blissful experiences See grounding tools. Try to enjoy the bliss, don't fear it as it will pass and is a natural part of the process. Beware not to get too attached to it. This is not the essence of the awakening, it is similar to the honeymoon stage, the real relationship will follow - trust that you are still on the right path when it’s gone.
Temporary psychic experiences Accept them and try to enjoy them, be aware not to become overly attached as they are likely to pass
Spontaneous past life regressions Sit with the experience as it arises; don't dismiss it nor the emotions that surface, as strong and foreign as it may feel. Journal about what you felt or call on Archangel Raziel to help release any buried past life memories associated with the life time shown to you and their effects on you in this life time.
Grandiose feelings See grounding tools. Avoid making big life choices at this stage. What you are feeling is valid but is most likely to shift and ground. So be mindful not to alienate people by appearing superior in anyway, that is not what the awakening is about
Constant insights and “downloads” Write those insight down, they may be valuable to you in the future. Pray to embody those insights.
Shaking/ Kriyas “Kriyas” are a spiritual term to describe spontaneous movements in Kundalini (Such as Yoga poses) and compulsive shaking to rid the body of excess energy. Some people need to "shake" the energy daily during the awakening. You can try to set a designated time (15-30 mins daily), then lying down to allow the energy to move through your body. This can bring about relief and help alleviate internal pressure. Scheduling can help manage this symptom for some. Shaking can feel scary especially when it’s intense in volume, so check in whether you need to be fully present with it. If not, watch a show or play soft music in the background in order to allow your body to release without your mind and fear getting in the way. They will eventually lessen and pass.
Lack of energetic boundaries Avoid large crowded areas when you are feeling this vulnerable and open energetically. Call upon Archangel Michael to shield you every morning or visualize an armor of light and visualize releasing foreign energies you may have picked up at the end of the day.
Heat at the bottom of the spine Try to visualize water or breathe into the burning area to soothe it. Alternatively you can use the fire instead of pushing against it by visualizing throwing into it anything that doesn’t serve you anymore.
Energetic intolerance Avoid the person your energy wisdom is telling you is “off” for you, even if you love them. Minimize physical contact and shield yourself energetically before and after seeing them. Ask your being why this person feels wrong to be around? It maybe temporary or your energy body is trying to tell you something about the relathionship.
Feeling fragmented Try to accept the feeling as best you can, though it can feel wrong and frightening. Know that it is temporary as your system rearranges itself around old patterns and wounds that have been released. You can visualize your center channel and breathe into it to reinforce it.
Anxiety, fear and terror (Possible panic attacks) See grounding tips. Try switching to your Parasympathetic nervous system by singing, dancing, or playing an instrument. Breathing exercises can help too. Read about technics to switch out of fight flight or freeze. Try herbal remedies. See a doctor for anti-anxiety medication if it lingers. Giving your nervous system a break is nothing to be ashamed of. Listen to your body and what it needs, ignoring long lasting anxiety and panic can take a toll on your body
Experiencing constant shifts in mood See feeling your feelings. Remember that this is temporary .
Heart openings When your heart is this open and you feel love for everyone and anyone practice discernment with whom you let into your life. Your heart is like that of a baby, it is in a oneness state and has no differentiation between yourself and another. You need to remind yourself the love you feel is universal and not to a specific person so this might not be a good time to enter a new relationship. Connect to the "grown up self" to establish healthy boundaries in this time. Express this universal love to nature, animals or to safe loved ones.
Overwhelm Pray for help and relief. Think of one thing to do a day that is achievable; don’t give yourself long lists at this stage. Be gentle with yourself if you can't do as much as you used to in this Kundalini stage. Honor your feelings.
Collective pain Pray for help with boundaries between yourself and the collective. This pain may feel like too much for you to bear and that is very normal. I promise you it will pass. Ask this pain what it wishes to show you.
Feeling Raw Keep yourself protected at this time. Avoid triggering people or situations. It’s a time for gentle and compassionate self-care. Be mindful not to share with people that aren’t fully empathetic as it can be wounding. Honor your current sensitivity.
Depression See “feeling your feelings". Allow the depression energy to carry you as low as it wants to, fighting it will only make it worse. I know it is easier said than done. Ask if there is anything it wishes to teach you, maybe it’s a part of grief? Journal or see a therapist to help work through the grief or pain you are feeling. Remember the right question is never “what is wrong with you?” but “what is happened to me?” See your doctor about medication if it lingers or feels like too much for you. There is no shame in getting help through this stage.
Feeling empty/nihilism Time and patience is key. Meaning, joy and inspiration will come back to your life. It’s an “in between stage” where all that used to matter is gone and the new hasn’t been born yet. Look up “the dark night of the soul” online for context. Pray for meaning and inspiration. Hold on to small things such as breathing, walking, feeling the breeze on your face. When you can't find meaning in life practicing mindfulness can help.
Extreme sensitivity to content Listen to your inner wisdom and avoid what you feel sensitive to. Some of your capacity to be around common TV or internet content will come back, though you may never feel the need to watch violent content after your awakening.
Vivid dreams and lucid dreams Keep a dream journal, the dreams maybe laced with valuable guidance. If you are suffering from nightmares, start working with a dream guide. More to come on this topic in a future blog.
Over stimulation Minimize your exposure to stimulants and large crowds. Use headphones with noise cancelation if you live in a busy household. Spending time in nature or in stillness is restoring for your nervous system. avoid using fragrant products, even natural ones, till your nervous system is back in balance. Have your sleep be a sacred stimuli free zone. Sleep with an eye mask for full darkness, put earphones with a guided meditation if you need a buffer from environmental noises.
Spontaneous sexual stimulation If uncomfortable or too much, try not acting on the impulse but sitting with the sexual energy and breathing into it, sending loving thoughts to the overly aroused area.
Digestive issues Eat a healthy diet. For the days when Kundalini is active in your stomach and you can’t eat anything solid, try smoothies with plant-based protein powder, soups or broth. Supplement with a wholefoods multi-vitamin and minerals. If you experience IBS with constipation try Aloe Ferox, it will keep your intestines clean and is non-habit forming. If you experience constant nausea try altering your diet. Remove wheat, dairy, and meat first. If it’s still present, add ginger and lemon to hot water and sip it throughout the day.
Weight fluctuations Acceptance is the best policy, weight gain/loss is most likely temporary. If you are experiencing addictive behaviors in relation to food, seek professional help. Therapy can help get to the bottom of the emotional eating habits. If needed, see a nutritionist to help you plan healthy meals. Test your thyroid functions.
Insomnia or the opposite For insomnia, try a sleep meditation that you connect with to train your mind to sleep. Herbal supplements and melatonin can help. If it gets too severe see a doctor about a stronger sleep aid. If you feel the need to sleep constantly, try to allow your body as much rest as it needs. It will eventually normalize.
Pressure or pain in random places in the body Breathe into the pain, or around it if it’s too intense. Tell your cells that Kundalini means no harm, give her permission to ‘work’ on the tense area and your muscles permission to relax, to let go. Remember it will pass.
Skin conditions Wear cotton to bed with cotton sheets. Eliminate harsh cosmetic products and replace them with natural and clean ones. Take baths with oatmeal or Baking Soda to help your skin detox. Skin is the biggest organ in the body and since you are releasing emotional and physical toxins constantly in this process your skin is likely to be effected.
Autoimmune conditions Try to find a holistic doctor to work with. Working with your illness and not against it is important. It takes time to grieve over the loss of your physical freedom so give yourself that time. You body is in a healing crisis; trust in its ability to heal.

All stages and symptoms throughout a Kundalini awakening are temporary. As uncomfortable, unsettling or unbearable as they feel at times, they will shift eventually. Take comfort in reminding yourself of that. The one truth about this process is that whether you find a tool for a symptom or not, it will pass. You don't have to get it right nor fix it yourself, Kundalini knows what she is doing, even when we don't. 



Important note: The advise above does not replace the need to consult a professional physician and a psychiatrist. If you are  in anyway suicidal or feeling that your life is in danger please call 911 for assistance immediately.