How to ground Kundalini energy when it's too intense? 

How to manage Kundalini awakening side effects:

If you are going through a full blown awakening you will know what it feels like to have too much Kundalini energy running through your body. It can overwhelm your nervous system, like an over flow of electricity, and can leave you feeling unbalanced and depleted, wired but tired. Feeling ungrounded can manifest in many ways, such as intense internal pressure or emotional and mental imbalance. You can be feeling anxious and irritable and almost feel like you are loosing your mind.

Grounding Kundalini energy is an important aspect of coping with this type of an awakening, yet it is very individual in regards to what works and what doesn’t. Also what works once doesn’t necessarily work the next time so it’s good to have many tools on your grounding belt.

Here is a list of suggested grounding techniques:

  • Water: When the Kundalini feels very fiery; any water element can help soothe it. Try being next to to or in a body of water, letting the water energy wash over your energy field. If you have no access to a large body of water, try showering or visualizing water to soothe the "Kundalini flames".
  •  Bath: Taking a bath with baking soda, Epsom or sea salts; 20 minutes or more can be helpful. Play soft music in the background if you are feeling anxious while bathing.
  • Crystals: some stones, especially black ones, have grounding properties. Find the one that works for you, use it for a short period (on your body or next to you) to make sure they don’t further stimulate the Kundalini energy. Pray and ask for the right crystal to be shown to you. If all crystals feel too potent, try picking up a small stone or pebble outside and carry it with you for a while. It’s got subtle grounding energy as well.
  • Mother Earth therapy: Sitting on the ground barefoot or walking on earth can be very grounding. Try connecting with earth by prayer or visualize roots growing from the bottom of your feet into the core of earth. Ask for earth’s help in staying connected to her and in "offloading" excess energy.
  • Tree therapy: Ask for permission when approaching a tree and for their help in grounding, as trees are sacred and their energy is so supportive and healing during Kundalini. Place the back or front of your body against the trunk for as long as you need. The more mature the tree the better. Trees can also help in releasing blocks in your body and alleviating the Kundalini pressure miraculously.
  • Food: Eating healthy to support your body during intense periods is important. Try heavier foods to ground yourself; Such as root vegetables, nuts, stews or soups, anything that feels comforting and earthy.
  •  Exercise: Gentle exercises such as long walks, especially in nature can be almost essential to balance your energy out. As well as gentle stretching and dancing (let kundalini take over when you dance, it can help move the energy if you consciously give it permission). Some people do heavy weights to ground but that doesn’t work for most, Kundalini can ask you to stop gym type exercises in fact. Creating a routine can help ground us, but being over regimented can do the opposite. You can also try Tai-chi or Qigong and maybe light Yoga (it can activate the energy further for some so be extra mindful no to overdo it). If your Kundalini energy is out of balance avoid Kundalini yoga and fire breathing exercises since it increases energy flow in your body. Your system needs to slow down now, not move faster.
  •  Journaling: Writing in a journal daily or talking about your experience with someone, can help you process and balance the constant shifts you are going through with Kundalini. It can also help ground or release excess emotional energy.
  • Essential oils: Some of the more earthy essential oils can be grounding, such as Sandalwood or Vetiver, Sesame oil works for some as well. I suggest you go to a natural food store and smell the different essential oils and let your body choose, as you may be sensitive to some strong smells. Once you found an oil that smells right to you, simply smell it when you need grounding, or place a drop or two on the bottom of your feet.
  • Animals: Getting an emotional or energetic support animal can be very healing. If you are in a position to rescue one, they will rescue you back as they can be great helpers throughout this process. You can adopt a cat or a smaller dog if you don’t have the capacity to care for a higher maintenance animal. I would also suggest a mellow energy animal, not a puppy or a kitten, rather a mature or a senior pet. Animals are naturally intuitive and might even place themselves on your 'blocks' or stagnant painful energy in your body and help dissolve the 'blocks' while comforting and grounding you. If you feel unable to take care of an animal, you can go visit a rescue and spend some time with the animals.
  • Prayer: Prayer is a very important tool in this awakening to keep you feeling connected; find your own way to create a dialogue with the divine. There are many ways to pray such as mantras, affirmations, a gratitude practice or simply asking for help and guidance. Talking with the universal intelligence as you would a friend is the easiest form of prayer. Remember to ask for help and to express anything and everything, good or bad. Even if you don’t see the results immediately or feel unheard, your prayers are always heard. The universe will respond in it’s own way and eventually you will learn to recognize the responses. Prayer can be both a grounding and an empowering tool.
  • Grounding exercises and techniques: There are many different guided meditations and visualizations online or on YouTube on how to ground your energy, find the ones that work for you, or visualize growing roots from the bottom of your feet into the earth daily.
  • Baking or pottery: It can be grounding to find a hobby where you have to use your hands to touch matter. 
  • Physical touch: Hugging a friend or a partner can help ground you. If that is not an option getting a short massage can help as well, just make sure you feel comfortable with the massage  therapist’s energy. Try a short session first (even ask for a 15 minute massage) and ask them not to do any energy work while massaging you, just tell them you highly sensitive to energy work. This can be helpful to try when you are experiencing a 'block' that won't shift on it's own.   
  • Meditation: Short meditations, guided or on your own can at times help ground and release energy 'blocks'. Be extra mindful not to over do it, hours of meditation can stimulate the energy. Your inner presence can be like fuel to the already fiery Kundalini. A few minutes a day may be all you can take for awhile if at all, don't be overly attached to your pre-Kundalini spiritual practices, as she is setting the pace now.


You will grow to know when Kundalini is highly active and how to soothe her. Imagine her to be a baby dragon that is overly eager, excited and isn’t sure how to control her fire spitting yet. Grounding your Kundalini energy might feel like a struggle for awhile, yet you will learn in time how to ground it in conscious ways. Don’t be too discouraged if these grounding tools make only a subtle difference or if you have to keep repeating them all day just to feel a sense of relief. It is also a matter of your body adjusting to this new flow of energy and recalibrating, which takes time, patience and intention. Eventually your baby dragon will grow and won’t be as trigger-happy.

Equally as important as grounding is, so is figuring out what over stimulates your Kundalini and eliminating those activities from your day. Your energy field is hypersensitive and vulnerable during the initial stages of the Kundalini awakening and you have to care for it first. This particular awakening will force you to learn self-care by putting your needs first, as they can feel acute. All you can do is honor and trust the process and know that you will be able to regain balance eventually, sometimes endurance can be just as heroic as any action you can take.




Important note: Be careful with energy healing work, charka activation, Kundalini Yoga, intense mediations, Iowaska or other recreational drugs, fasting cleanses and Hatha Yoga while your Kundalini energy isn't settled yet, as they can stimulate Kundalini and push you over the edge. When you are feeling more settled, try a few minutes of energy healing for example and wait a day to see how your Kundalini responds to it before introducing it into your routine. Your boundaries need to be very strong while your Kundalini is overly active, don't be afraid to tell someone to stop if they started working on you and you feel off.