Kundalini coils at the bottom of the spine and awakens to rise through the main energy channel.

When Kundalini awakens a path of healing, self-awareness and confrontation commences. This awakening is an intricate process that will take you from bliss to pain, from anxiety to healing and from fragmentation to integration. Your life may have been turned upside down in a day and that can feel very unsettling, at the same time a new part of your life is budding and unfolding, you just have to get through the transformational stage to witness it take birth. This site is here to get you through it. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the information, take your time in reading the following pages and remember that I’m on your side. I know you can do this.

This website is dedicated to guide you through the transformative force that is Kundalini. My intention is to provide you with context, in the hopes of making this extreme life transformation as smooth as possible. My desire is to normalize the Kundalini awakening phenomenon and present it in a language that is more user friendly and familiar. You don’t have to be identified as 'spiritual' nor 'religious' to go through this successfully, you can develop your own vocabulary and perspective in order to make peace with this awakening and what is means to you. A full blown Kundalini awakening can be an overwhelming experience that can happen to anyone. So if you feel you might be experiencing this awakening, lets explore together what it might look like.

What is Kundalini?

The traditional view of a Kundalini awakening is that this force, that has previously lain dormant, coiled at the bottom of your spine, awakens to clear karma from life times accumulated in the body, mind and spirit. From its seat at the bottom of the spine, the Kundalini rises through all the chakras. Once at the crown chakra it then unites with the divine consciousness, to come to a conclusion. Monks and devotees spend years and years attempting to awaken their Kundalini in the hopes of reaching enlightenment. In contrast, a spontaneous Kundalini awakening can just happen, completely unasked for and unprovoked. This website mainly focuses on the latter. You may have heard this traditional perspective before and it provided you with a general understanding of this awakening process. Yet if you, like myself, were born in the west, did not practice any of the Eastern traditions, or did not practice spirituality at all when the Kundalini force awoke in you, you might be looking to find a context that makes sense to you and helps you to walk through the day to day world with.

My perspective of the Kundalini awakening is that it is a completely natural process. It is not a gift from God, nor a curse, since what makes us feel special and ‘chosen’ one day can make us feel abnormal and outcast the next. It is simply the next step in our evolution as a species and not something to fear. This evolution brings about an opportunity to fully embody our soul, realizing that we are one with all of life. There are many others experiencing the same at this time, so as isolated as you may feel, know you are not alone.

This awakening of the Kundalini energy within you is as natural as puberty. During puberty, the immense changes in your body and hormones take place for a reason. In Kundalini, the changes and discomfort are occurring for a reason too. During puberty you are forming an identity within society, individuated from your parents. In this 'Kundalini puberty' you are evolving beyond that identity and role within society and transforming into your “Self “(also referred to as your essential self or authentic self). This is the part of you that is connected with your soul underneath all of your conditioning. The Kundalini force induces this change and similar to puberty, it can be very uncomfortable for a while as your body-mind-energy go out of balance to transform. In this period, you have to let go of your survival-self in order to come into your soul-self and that can be a scary leap to take on. This change can feel so unsettling since who you believe you are is vanishing in front of your eyes, but fear not, who you truly are can never be demolished. So much in your life is transforming rapidly, yet Kundalini doesn’t come with a manual to help navigate through it’s difficult facets. Learning what to expect on this journey and how your body and emotions will likely respond can be helpful in making this awakening gentler.

In the next pages I will attempt to break down some of the more common manifestations of Kundalini and how they can effect you. I will try to help you develop a toolbox of coping skills and a grasp of this strange process. While each awakening is different, understanding Kundalini’s intention can help you develop the trust you need to allow your unique journey to unfold. My wish is to help you know without a shadow of a doubt that there is nothing wrong with you - despite how this awakening may feel initially. You are going to make it to the other end and learn so much about yourself and about your heart. Courage doesn’t come from the absence of fear; it comes from choosing love while facing fear. Loving yourself unconditionally may be your greatest challenge but also your greatest ally and gift to take from this transformative journey.